Trendera is a trend forecasting and brand strategy firm. Our insights and strategic recommendations are grounded in generational expertise as well as cultural analysis. We help brands authentically collide with current cultural shifts by recognizing core brand characteristics and then leveraging our arsenal of trends, research and consumer insights to provide holistic solutions. Trendera provides its brand partners with

  • An ongoing feed of cultural shifts and trends impacting target consumers
  • Unique customized research methodologies
  • Analysis and expertise on the generations: X, Y and V (Viral)
  • Insights to inspire marketing, creative content and brand extensions
  • Trend and research information to help identify new business opportunities




Trendera was founded and is led by Jane Buckingham, one of the foremost experts on Generations X, Y and V. Buckingham helped pioneer trend hunting when she wrote her first book, Teens Speak Out, at age 17. She subsequently created The Cassandra Report, Trend Central and The Intelligence Group, all of which she sold to CAA before leaving to start Trendera.

In launching Trendera, Jane recognized a need to not only inform brands of cultural shifts but help them create strategy and action around them. Today Trendera has offices in New York and Los Angeles, along with representatives across the globe.





Liz Gray is President of Trendera. Liz began her career at ESPN in Market Research and Advertising Sales. ESPN was a client of Jane’s and it was there that Liz met Jane.  Liz joined Jane at The Intelligence Group as Head of Business Development for over 5 years and then moved with her to Trendera.  Liz is a seasoned executive who brings a strong track record of working on high profile, innovative business initiatives with consumer brands by developing strategic, non-traditional solutions to their marketing, product development and content needs. Liz currently works with executives at such brands as Stubhub, BBC, Sephora, NBC and Mars. Liz handles custom client presentations and guest speaker engagements on behalf of Trendera as well.